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Washer level sensor error

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Hey, I cannot find any explanation of what means DTC code B2326-7B. Sometimes my car shows me warning Top Up Washer Fluid while the tank is full. Not sure why, but it happens not every time. Does it seem some washer fluids won't work with the sensor or something? Has anyone noticed this in your car?
Thanks in advance :)
Consult error codes attached.

Btw. I also have this second DTC but again no luck finding what is going on. I have replaced regular bulb with led so this might be the problem :D
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It's definitely the LED. Having a LED without CANBUS technology will cause all sort of crazy codes in the system because the electrical circuit is "open".
Since this showed up in my recommended even though it's old and I have a different cause, I'll reply.

The RainX washer fluid additive can cause this. The sensor on the car has an electrical contact that measures fluid level not a float sensor. The additive version of RainX has something in it that blocks the sensor from working and coats it in a film that continues to block after being emptied and flushed. I have tried to flush/clean with a water vinegar mix over a few weeks and now I am trying to flush with normal washer fluid cleaner. It's been well over a month since the RainX was in the system and the error still appears. I haven't had a chance yet to find out if I can take out the sensor and manually clean it or it need to have the reserve replaced. There was a lawsuit against RainX for this and there is no warning on the label about the electric sensors. Not happy to say the least.

I am not sure if the gallon premix of rainX does trigger though.
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