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I recently had two of my tires replaced and when they were checking the air pressure on all the tires they found the front tires were at 40lbs. They checked inside the door and said they were supposed to be at 32lbs but ever since they adjusted it I’ve been getting a low pressure warning. I went back to discount tire and they said it’s a programming issue. I’ve looked through the options and see no where to adjust what the warning pressure is at.
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It’s in the manual, section 5-7. Shame on Discount Tire for not knowing how to reset the TPMS.

Restarting TPMS
To keep the TPMS functioning properly, the restart operation must be performed in the following cases:
• When the tire pressure is adjusted
• When a tire or a wheel is replaced
• When the tires are rotated
When you restart the tire pressure monitor, all existing warning messages are deleted and the warning lights go out. The monitor uses the currently set tire pressures as the reference values for monitoring.

Perform the following procedures to restart the TPMS.
Before restarting, make sure that the tire pressures are set properly on all four tires for the respective operating conditions. The recommended tire pressures can be found in the tire pressure placard on the driver' door pillar.
1. Make sure that the ignition switch is in the ON position.
2. Press the or button on the steering wheel to select the [Serv.] menu.
3. Press the or button to select [Tire Pressure].
4. Press <OK> to confirm.
The vehicle information display shows the current tire pressure for each tire or the [Tire pressures will be displayed after driving a few minutes] message.
5. Press <OK> to confirm.
The [Tire Press. Monitor Restarted] mes- sage appears in the vehicle information display.
After you have driven for a few minutes, the system checks whether the current tire pressures are within the specified range The new tire pressures are then accepted as reference values and moni- tored
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