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Hey fellas, I have a few questions,

1. Is there major harm from using staggered tire size set up, specifically 225/50RF18 and 235/50RF18?

2. Any issues of using 225/50RF18 for all four? instead of original 235's?

Thank you!

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1. Do you think using the same four 225/50 will be okay?

2. Are you using run flats? Ever thought about transitioning to non-run flats?
Going to a skinnier tire shouldn't run into any fitment issues, however you'll generally give up some looks and handling. Wider tires have a larger contact patch and give better grip. I can already chirp the tires in a stock QX30, so I wouldn't want to give up any grip, personally. And most people think wider tires look nicer, too.

I do still have the factory run-flats. I am not interested in replacing with non-run-flats. With the lack of a spare tire I wouldn't feel comfortable going to a non-run-flat design. My wife is the primary driver of our QX30, so run-flats give me a little peace of mind that she can get home or at least to safety if she experiences a blow out.
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