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Good afternoon fellas,

I wanted to get your input. My TPM light came on last night, was worried that I may have a nail that's causing a leak. Didn't find one. Is it just low air causing this? (FYI, I swapped my RFT for regular tires last year for better ride quality). Would this require a reset on a OBD scanner even after air is put in?

Thank you

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Your front tires are lower than the factory spec (35psi, iirc). I would suggest adding air to them. Air volume fluctuates with temperature, and tires naturally lose a little air, over time, so it's normal to need to keep an eye on your pressures and adjust them.

There is a sticker on the door jamb of the drivers door that lists the tire pressure recommendations. I believe they're 35psi front and 29psi rear -- but verify on your vehicle before you adjust your pressures.

Once you've adjusted the pressure you need to drive for a little while above 16mph and the TPMS will automatically reset if the pressure is now correct. No special tool required.

If you choose to run non-factory pressure then you can reconfigure the TPMS threshold. First, set the pressures exactly where you want them. Then drive for a little while above 16mph and confirm the TPMS display shows the pressures you expect. Then, using the steering wheel controls and the display in your instrument cluster. Press the left/right arrow until you come to the "Serv." menu. Press the up/down arrow to select "Tire Pressure". Press "OK" to recalibrate using the current pressures as your target.
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