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Infiniti has decided that for the North American market there will be no distinction between the Q30 and the QX30. They will both share the QX30 name.

The original plan from Infiniti was to sell FWD models branded Q30, with the addition of AWD making it a QX30. The model differences will remain in North America, however without the dual badges.

From Car and Driver:

Outside of the naming, the Q30/QX30 story hasn’t changed. There still will be front-wheel-drive entry-level and sport-oriented models, as well as a range-topping all-wheel-drive version pegged as a sort-of crossover. The only difference is that the first two versions now carry the same “QX30″ moniker as the all-wheel-drive model.
Look for all QX30 derivatives to hit stores mid-2016 with a $30,000 entry level price tag.
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