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We know that Infiniti is going to release its QX30 small SUV sometime in the future as part of its plan to expand its line-up by 60% by 2020. This is a good move for them, and they should maybe think about releasing it sooner because sales figures from Europe show that the Premium Small SUV segment is growing quickly.

The segment is quite small right now, encompassing only 4 models at the moment. Each model has seen increasing sales when compared to the same point last year though. Overall the segment has seen an impressive 24% growth when compared to last year. The Mercedes-Benz GLA was introduced in June, and already it is within 1,000 sales of the number two spot in the segment. That is quite the accomplishment considering the BMW X1 has been on sale all year.

The segment that is right above the Premium Small SUV segment is the Premium Compact SUV segment. This segment includes vehicles like the Audi Q5, BMW X3 and Porsche Macan. That segment is not growing at nearly the same pace. Only 1% compared to last year. Analysts say that by next year the Premium Small SUV segment will actually be larger than the Premium Compact SUV segment. So automakers should be itching to get a product into the Premium Small SUV segment.

If Infiniti wants to really get a foothold in this segment, it should fast track the release of the Infiniti QX30 before other vehicles are seen as the staple of the segment. This is especially true since the QX30's design is pretty unique and could really help to define this new segment. If they come to late to the game, Infiniti may not make as big a splash and the QX30 may not be noticed in the slew of other options that are sure to be released over the coming years.
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