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So, I've owned my QX30 since February and just recently I've decided to add a few custom touches to it. Last week I had all the windows tinted 35% (which I prefer, since I don't particularly care for the darker to lighter option when you get the legal limit where I live in Nebraska) I also added a visor strip on the windshield and treated the Panoramic roof to some tint as well - specially since I like to keep the shade rolled back most of the time. This way I benefit from a pretty good protection from the sun.

Anyway, I absolutely love the way the QX30 looks. I just wish I could close some of the gap between the tires and the fenders by lowering the overall stance of the vehicle. Does anybody know of any lowering kits, springs or coilovers available for this vehicle out there right now? Could it be possible to use lowering kits designed for a Mercedes GLA 250? if so, should I stay away from any particular submodels (i.e. 4matic or FWD)?

Thanks a bunch in advance! Any info at this point would be very helpful.
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