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I got a 2018.5 qx30 w essential package. Currently rocking a Dinan tune and BOV spacer. I’ve clocked 0-60 at almost 5 flat. I drive this car extremely hard, almost as if I hate it. And (knock on wood) car has been absolutely bullet proof. No mechanical/electrical issues at all. Which makes me want to keep going and really see what I can get out of this car. I was considering the gfb+ diverted valve but not sure how that will act with BOV spacer. Wanted to see what everyone else has done to increase power. I know it’s a little tiny 4 cylinder, you can only take it so far, but extremely happy with the Dinan tune so far. Also would love to see links to any cosmetic mods y’all had done! Might pick up a eBay bumper lip
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