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I've done some searching online and found you can load approx 220lbs on the roof using crossbars (which I do not have). The manual specifically says do not try to mount anything directly to the factory roof rails. I need to move a headboard for a bed that's 78"w x 2.75"d x 42"h and approx 50lbs (15miles no highway).

What i'm thinking about doing is putting a moving blanket on the roof then strapping the headboard to the rails or even running a strap inside the car through the windows. Since I won't be on the highway and max speeds will be roughly 30-35mph I don't think I'll need to strap anything so tight it would damage the roof or door frames.


From the manual:

Genuine NISSAN accessory cross bars are
available through an INFINITI retailer. It is
recommended you visit an INFINITI retailer
for cross bar or other equipment information.
Do not apply any load directly to the roof side
rails. Cross bars (if so equipped) must be installed before applying load/cargo/luggage
to the roof of the vehicle. Always distribute
the luggage evenly on the cross bars. Do not
load more than 221 lb (100 kg) on the roof
rails. Observe the maximum load limit shown
on the crossbars or roof carriers when you
attach them on the roof rails.
Do not apply any load directly to the roof side
Be careful that your vehicle does not exceed
the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) or
its Gross Axle Weight Rating (GAWR front
and rear). The GVWR and GAWR are located
on the F.M.V.S.S. or C.V.M.S.S. certification
label (located on the driver’s door pillar). For
additional information, refer to "Vehicle loading information".
• Always install the cross bars onto the
roof side rails before loading cargo of
any kind. Loading cargo directly onto
the roof side rails or the vehicle’s roof
may cause vehicle damage.
• Drive extra carefully when the vehicle is
loaded at or near the cargo carrying capacity, especially if the significant portion of that load is carried on the cross
bars/roof rack.
• Heavy loading of the cross bars/roof
rack has the potential to affect the vehicle stability and handling during sudden or unusual handling maneuvers.
• Roof rack load should be evenly distributed.
• Do not exceed maximum cross bar/roof
rack load weight capacity.
• Properly secure all cargo with ropes or
straps to help prevent it from sliding or
shifting. In a sudden stop or collision,
unsecured cargo could cause personal
Always install the cross bars (if so
equipped) onto the roof side rails before
loading cargo of any kind. Loading cargo
directly onto the roof side rails or the vehicle's roof may cause vehicle damage.

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If it's the metal roof, then it shouldn't be a problem.

If it's the glass roof, then you need to be careful. Strapping anything down that touches the glass could prove problematic when buffeting occurs. I'd suggest making sure the item is only touching along the roof rails and there is plenty of clearance in the middle so no pressure is put on the glass. Putting some strips of wood (such as 2x2's) along the rails can help create space, if needed.

Alternatively, buy the crossbars -- they look good.
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