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So I discovered the hard way that the sport model doesn't have BSM. I'm not sure why they would do that since the other trim levels have it available in a package.
Does anyone no if you can add BSM considering the sport trim has all the same radar/sonar points?

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Especially considering this is a Mercedes car, and they have those mirrors with the red triangle that lights up. I thought *some* versions of this car had that, but I'm surprised to hear the highest trim does not. Even with some sort of technology package? I don't know enough about the new trim packages to know. So... my discussions with both Infiniti service manager (included wiring diagrams and pictures p07r0457 sent me in another thread) and Mercedes service department (I don't really think either dealership knew exactly what I was asking for, especially Mercedes referencing after market parts since this would be an OEM option, but I tried):


Not sure that it is an option that can be added.

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Hi, I was wondering if I could ask you to research the option and give me a price on installing either Nissan's or Mercedes blind spot warning option. It's highly probable this is not an option, but maybe you could find out? I just wasn't sure what direction this would be, Mercedes or Nissan. I know this is a Mercedes chassis, but what of the body is a Mercedes? I guess in the service manual for Nissan on blind spot warning, it's added in the door frame and works off the rear camera. And there's a connection in the door for the wiring that may or may not already be there if it's a Nissan/Infiniti door? And if it's a Mercedes door, does it have the necessary components in there to add the indicator (I think there's works off a light on the actual mirror)? Is this something you can do on your end? Could be a lost cause, but figured it wouldn't hurt to ask.


Mercedes Benz does not offer an aftermarket blind spot option if the vehicle was not equipped from the factory.
There may be an aftermarket option available, but I am not overly familiar with Infiniti vehicles and I apologize, but I do not know of anyone to provide a referral.

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Thanks. Thought I'd try. One more question, but I'm guessing probably the same answer... I know that Mercedes has those blind spot assist mirrors with that red triangle thing that lights up. Any chance those could be added to my car if the wiring is already there? Infiniti does not have those, but since the electrical is the same, maybe there's a chance?

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Agreed. I have a 2018.5 sport and the window sticker shows it standard equipment to the sport model
In the 2019 QX30, BSM, FEB, and LDW were made standard equipment in all trim levels.

In the 2018.5 QX30, BSM was included as standard equipment in the ESSENTIAL and SPORT trim levels.

In the 2017-2018 QX30, BSM was an optional feature.

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