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slam brakes > check engine light > car misfiring > restart > all is fine & no codes?

I was cruising home down i-95 last weekend from a ski trip in Vermont. Coming around a turn doing about 80 mph near Stamford, CT I encountered dead-stop traffic so I had to put on the brakes.

I am not one to just slam the brakes, I pump my brakes to allow the car to downshift properly and lose speed. Call me crazy, but that's what I do - and that's what I did.

Not more than 2 minutes later I am trying to maneuver in bumper-to-bumper traffic, and suddenly the check engine light comes on.

I try to accelerate and the car begins to stutter very hard, a very noticeable misfire. The car would not accelerate to more than about 20-25mph and it seemed like it had an issue shifting into gear a bit.

Not only that, initially it seemed as if the car wanted to stall completely, so it wasn't just a misfire. The RPM's dropped to 0 and it was like choking, so to speak.

1 mile to the next exit ("great," I thought) so I throw on the hazards and drive in the right lane/shoulder to take the exit.

I pull over and search for an auto repair shop. I did not turn the car off in fear of not being able to start it again.

I get to an auto repair shop and the guy has no idea what it is, he offered to run diagnostics. He turns the car off then back on -

Problem solved?

Light goes off, car runs fine. I leave without him running tests.

I make it home to Brooklyn and the next day I take it to a shop, they run diagnostics.

No codes were saved - they end up finding old codes from a year ago, something about a turn signal, whatever - irrelevant.

The mechanic says he has no idea what it could be, he said it could be a number of things.

His best guess was maybe the ignition coil did not set back into place from me hitting the brakes, and once the car restarted it was reset?

Good guess, I guess - but who knows? It's as good as throwing **** at the wall to see if it sticks.

They cleared the computer and said if it happens again, don't turn the car off - bring it right in with the light on to hook it up to the computer.

Has anyone ever heard of this? Ever experience anything like this?

Any ideas at all ?
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