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Side Mirror cameras operational?

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I just acquired a 2017 QX30 Premium. I noticed under each side mirror there is a thick sticker placed over where the camera lens would be. I do not have the birds-eye view option however after taking off one of the stickers, it sure does look like there is a camera in there. I am curious if the cable inside is not hooked up or somewhere in the electrical path, a connector is not connected or otherwise I would have the side camera features. I can't tell about the windshield cam, its not as easy to determine. Anybody have thoughts on this?

I once had a car that didn't have daytime running lights but if you added a fuse to the fuse panel in the engine compartment, walla! you had DRL's. $135 for the dealer to "add" this feature to your car. Expensive fuse if you ask me.
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don't sure for side mirrors cameras. But for a windshield it differ with all mount block* near the mirror. So no - there is no camera, the same is actual for the front bumper camera*
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