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Interesting! Aside from the female demographic note, I follow his thoughts to a T on who would own this car. I'm small, absolutely hate SUVs, but also have a wife and two kids so need some extra room sometimes, but most of the time it's just me in the car--a full size SUV would be a waste. I've always had sedans, but needed just one small step up. I had an offer on a BMW X1 (too much money for what you get, and boring look--it's just a miniature X3) and Hyundai Sante Fe Sport (too big, but a nice car, even though they ditched their twin scroll turbo), but ended up going back to the QX30 (Ideally, I wanted the QX50, but too much money for me) after totaling my beautiful, mint G35 sport sedan (I'm used to Infiniti's sportier suspension, so his knock on the rough ride seemed par for the course for Infiniti) with the Aero package by Nismo. I've stuffed 10 ft long pieces of gutter in this car, taken this car off road through forest service roads at 40+ miles an hour, packed 4 people, 2 dogs, and bikes to go on road trips with a luggage carrier just fine, packed up my gear and bike for out of state triathlons, and use it as daily commuter through one of the most congested cities in the nation (Atlanta) where sitting in deadlock traffic and having the car turn off while you wait is a nice feature. Not too big, not too small, nimble, grippy with AWD (I noticed in having the 2WD loaners I would spin the wheels constantly at stop signs and red lights) it does what I wanted it to do, and it looks unique--I didn't want a cookie cutter design.

When the kid is in college and the warranty is up, probably go all the way down to a coupe, but until then, this car has fit me perfect.

Nice post, Zee!
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