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Replacement Wiper Blades and Local Dealer Disappears

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I have a 2018 QX30 S that needed the wiper blades replaced. I drove over to my local dealer (Infiniti of Marin), where the car was purchased, only to find the dealership completely empty and no notification of if it relocating elsewhere. I was surprised since I received a flyer from them a few days before offering discounts on parts and service. Turns out that they left suddenly and didn't inform owners of the change. The nearest Infiniti dealership is now many miles away. I bring this up because...

The wiper blades needed to be replaced and the local auto parts stores didn't have anything that fit. At all. All the adapters were miles away from the OEM attachment- nothing fit. I tried Amazon and bought three different sets of wipers that all had good reviews from owners of QX30s. Again, nothing came close to fitting. I went to my local Mercedes dealer who had wiper blades for the similar GLA 250. The Benz parts guy was sure they would fit. Once again, no. I finally found an online Infiniti dealer who had the right wipers. The shipping was almost 2 x the cost of the blades, but they fit.

Has anyone else run into issues with getting the right wiper blades for a 2018 QX30? I can only guess that there was a running change made to the wipers at some point and my 2018 is an outlier.

BTW- A major concern now is that there isn't a dealer for many miles in any direction and my go-to Japanese car repair guy won't touch a QX30 because to him, it's basically a confused Mercedes.
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I bought these two wipers and they fit perfectly after attaching the correct adapters that were included:

Thanks for the Bosch part #s. I will check them out. The correct Infiniti part #s for my 2018 QX30 S wipers are:
B88YU-BT24J Blade Assembly-Windshield Wiper
B88YU-BT19J Blade Assembly-Windshield Wiper
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