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Greetings All!

Purchased my QX30 the end of June and while I love the design and especially the color unfortunately I'm not feeling the Infiniti love.

Have already posted a couple replies to a few folks that I think may benefit from my problem. Hopefully if enough people realize this could be causing their concerns, Infiniti will take the design defect seriously and step up to try to find a solution.

Basically the hatch harness which all the car's wiring runs through is crushed on numerous cars. Infiniti won't replace mine because I haven't had any problems "yet." Currently they are only dangling a carrot of "well, if enough people complain then we'll take a look at it."

Please go check lift your hatch and check your harnesses. Out of the QX30's on my dealers lot, over half were crushed. It's a design defective pure and simple.
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