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QX30 Auxiliary battery part number and cost

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I've been told that my (2018 model) auxiliary battery is dead and needs to be replaced, but the dealership wants $289 for it which seems... excessive. I know where it's located and am comfortable with replacing it, but does anyone know where/how to purchase one?
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The Sub Battery (commonly called AUX Battery) is a 12AH AGM power sports (think motorcycle/ATV) battery.

If you have an Interstate Batteries distributor in your area, I'd remove the old battery and bring it to them. They'll buy your old battery for scrap and sell you a quality replacement for a reasonable price. I believe the Interstate MTX-AUX14 fits, and it's around $120.

If you want the genuine Mercedes replacement, (part # 0009829608), then FCP Euro sells it for $142.99, and they will ship it to you.

Alternatively, you should be able to find a suitable replacement at any auto parts store that carries motorcycle batteries. Even many Walmart locations carry them.
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Thanks for the quick response! That's more in line with what I was expecting, and great news. I'll take care of that today.
Anyone give this one a try? Also available from RockAuto for $95.

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