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Infiniti's new design language shows that the company is making cars that are beautiful and stand out to passers by. Emphasizing this new direction for the brand is the Q30 Art Car on display at the 2016 London Art Fair held at the Islington Business Center.

Artist Rachel Ducker covered the Q30 in 48,000 copper tacks, creating a prickly skin coating for the Infiniti hatch. With each tack taking about 10 seconds to adhere to the car, that's a total of approximately 8,000 minutes that was dedicated to the project.

“It is amazing to see how the copper tacks provide a dramatic effect to how the light reflects across the bonnet and down the shoulder lines. It creates a striking flow as you move around the car. I really like Rachel’s work and how she portrays movement to bring her models to life,” Simon Cox, Infiniti designer, commented.
The Q30 Art Car will be on display outside the entrance to the show from January 19th to January 24th.

Infiniti Makes an Impression at the London Art Fair with Q30 Car-Art
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