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Hello all,

I've been browsing around here for a little while. My wife and I purchased a CPO Malbec black Luxe QX30 in July of 2018 with 8k miles on. We're at 79,504 miles in under 2 years, did 120 miles a day to work 5 days a week until a new job opportunity began a month ago.

Anyway, before I ramble on. I've been driving the QX30 while my 392 Charger has been in the shop for a month (hit a deer).

Pulled into a gas station today, just as I was about to shut it off it began to idle a little rough, nothing much, but abnormal. Shut it off, filled it up, (always use Top Tier Premium), started it again and it went into limp mode. Pulled to a spot, shut it off for about 30 seconds, restarted it and it was fine, but the CEL stayed on a solid light.

Didn't have time to go home for my scanner, so went to work. Put about 30 miles on it, drove fine. Got home and pulled up the cylinder 4 misfire code.

It's scheduled for inspection and new plugs the end of the month unless my Charger isn't completed.

Anyway, did notice there seemed to be several others here and a few other Infiniti forums with the random P0304 code. Plugs looked like new just shy of first interval so figured I'd get them done for this year's inspection. Don't have the time to do it.

Anyway, glad there are other people with the QX30. The little thing is peppy and I enjoy driving it and tinkering with it. Wife loves it. If I stick around here as much as I do the SRT forums she'll kill me.
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