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New to site, not to Infiniti

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Greetings from NJ. I bought a ‘17 QX30 a year ago. It came off a lease with only 13,000 miles. I traded in my ‘10 EX35, which I loved. I’ve had only Nissan products since 1998, including Maximas and Muranos. Looking forward to discussions.
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Welcome. You'll learn alot here. We are very similar, I've had a 2014 Sentra and a '15 Sentra which I bought at my lease end that my son drives. Also have had a QX60. Now have a QX50, (wife's car,) and QX30 (mine).The 30 I'm buying when the lease ends this week with 15k miles. Love the car. I also work part time at an Infiniti dealership where my brother is a salesman. I'm also from NJ.
Welcome...**** you guys been real loyal to Nissan. Last Nissan I bought was about 20 years ago...98 240sx with 13,000 miles. I loved that car for the short time I had it.
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