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Hello...I've just recently joined the Infiniti family by purchasing a 2018 QX30 (AWD). I'm looking around the forum trying to get answers to a few questions...the first being how do I connect my text messaging and email to the car. Again...I'm a newbie and look forward to corresponding with my fellow Infiniti QX30 family! ;)
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It depends on how you define "Connect". If all you care about is having the "ding" play through the car speakers, then that's easy enough... Pair the phone via Bluetooth to the vehicle as both a phone and audio device (Infiniti breaks this out as two separate profiles). Then you'll hear the phone alerts as long as the vehicle radio is on the bluetooth audio source.

If you want more serious integration --such as viewing the content of messages on the screen -- then you are out of luck. Infiniti provides no such integration.
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