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I came as a former 2 time VW Passat owner. They served me well, but it was time for a change.
My new buggy was a dealer loaner, with 9500 miles.
I'm pretty happy so far.
I do have an issue with discoloration of the outside aluminum window trim. I'm afraid to get too aggressive trying to correct the problem. I've also purchased Infiniti brand splash guards to have installed and unsure how much I should pay the dealer to install them.
I look forward to keeping up on the model / brand through this forums.

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I wouldn't pay the dealer to install splash guards. Can't you put them on, yourself? If you really want to pay the dealer then they'd probably gouge you for $150-300, I'd guess.

We had the aluminum trim start to discolor, as well. I washed the car really well and applied some wax to the trim. It seems to have helped make it look a little better and it's not getting worse... So I'd definitely recommend putting some wax on there to at least stop the aging.
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