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Welcome to the forums! I love the the RX7 FD3S's! Raced against several of them at Road Atlanta back in the day! Always wanted to get one but was scared to death of the wankel so I ended up getting a Supra instead.

I'd be more than a little frustrated if I was told I would have options that I can't... Nothing they can do to deliver those options so make them do right by you. Take it all the way to the GM/owner if you need to. I'm assuming you got all the extra accessories (winter floor and hatch mats, rear bumper protector, etc) included during negotiations so an extended warranty, extended maintenance plan and/or additional insurance coverage options (rims/wheel, interior, etc) would be fair trade offs.

Curious what made you choose the QX30 and what other makes/models did you consider? It's my wife's daily driver and she loves it but the german parts make me nervous so I may sell it after the warranty expires and get her something else.

Hey everyone! Just picked up a 2018.5 QX30, so far I love it. My "toy" is a 93 Mazda RX7 and my Daily was a 2016 Honda HRV. I was frustrated with the lack of smart phone integration and between the HRV being a manual transmission and GAs new Handsfree law, i decided needed a new and little more easy to drive daily. I found the forum after googling some of the same irritations it seems many other owners have, lack of remote start and lack of Smart phone interface. I am a little more frustrated because i was given a line of options that were supposed to be on this car but are not, so i will be addressing that Saturday. Other than that, nice to meet ya'll.
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