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New 2018 QX30 Sport Owner

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Hi all, looking forward to chatting and contributing to the discussions. Picked up my QX30 sport a couple weeks ago and am very happy with it thus far. There's a couple strange behaviors and drawbacks (which others have already mentioned, such as the lack of auto-unlock with the engine running) that I hope will be addressed in future model years or even with a software update. But overall, there's really a ton of features packed into this car for the price. Previous car was a 2003 Nissan 350Z, which was incredibly reliable and fun, but began to show its age in recent years and was simply no longer practical for my photography business, or for LA traffic as it was a 6-speed.

Favorite feature on the car thus far is the Around View Monitor and related features. The Z did not have any of those options, and it's such a stress relief to have when maneuvering in tight areas or parking close to walls. Parallel parking is almost fun now that I can see the curb in the camera. Still waiting for a good opportunity to try out the Park Assist function.
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Good to see another prior Z owner, it's definitely a big change. This is the biggest vehicle I've ever owned lol. Definitely sounds great, and can't wait to see a pic!
The Park Assist function is fantastic! Now my wife can even parallel park without being 2 feet from the curb. :)

I just wish there was a manual way to enable it instead of just hoping it will enable itself...
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