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Hi all,

Last week my 19 QX30 went into limp mode, with the MFD showing :
Emergency Brake Inoperative
Inoperative See Owners Manual with abt ABS and car swervy icon
Park Assist Inoperative
Service Required Do Not Shift Gears Visit Dealer
Tire Pressure Monitor Inoperative
Parking Brake see owners manual SRS malfunction service required

This along with all lights on the gouge cluster lit up, the RPM, and engine temp levels erratically moving.

Had it towed to the dealer, stumped the main tech, and the master tech, they stated there was a fault code for the left headlight of which i was quoted of 3k to replace, with the car being in warranty. I did have LED headlight bulbs installed, which were working with no issues even at the time of the issue above. They were stumped until they saw the LED headlights and immediately went with it no proper reasoning or anything given just that its an aftermarket part this is what's causing it. When i know for a fact the headlights were perfectly fine, as i have used them in my other vehicles for years with no issues. Anyone else have issues like this before?

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It is probably not related to your headlights, but I’d remove the LEDs and put the OE lamps back in just to confirm and remove that scapegoat from the equation.

A battery that’s going bad can cause issues like this. I’d get both batteries tested (one under hood, and one in passenger footwell).

There have also been a few defective ECUs that caused erratic “Christmas tree” dash conditions.
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