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I have a 2017 QX30, used, I'd have to go out and double check, but less than 15k miles. I've had it since February of this year with no issues. Recently when I try to lock the car by just touching the handle, it doesn't work. I haven't noticed the unlock feature having any issues, but I can't get it to lock by touch for anything.

I know it's not that deep and I could easily just use the key lock button, but it was a feature I enjoy when I'm carrying all my stuff going into work or walking inside.

Another issue we've randomly noticed is with my extra fob. My fiance has the second fob and for some reason when he gets in the car, it doesn't recognize his key. It says key not recognized or key fob error. After using the key to unlock/lock while INSIDE the car, it recognizes and starts.

I thought both issues might be battery related, but I've changed them out and nothing resolves it.

Any input would be helpful! Otherwise it's been great. My only other issue is the lack of Apple CarPlay, but it's manageable. The navigation is so slow I end up just using my phone with a mount, but I came from a 2019 Altima and miss a few of the bells and whistles.

Thank you!
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