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Inoperative..on a regular basis (defect?)

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The routine alerts are killing me. Seems like nearly every day I drive my 2017 QX30 I get inoperative alerts. I first thought it was temperature related, so recently I started snapping a photo each time I encountered the warnings. The issue seems to occur mainly afternoon and evening when the car has sat in the sun during the day. Sometimes I get two warnings at a time. Any clues? At first, I thought of the reported lamp motor, but I get other alerts as well.
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The message with the lamps appears most often when you have running the position lights or DRL and you start the engine.
For example, you have the ignition on, you listen to music in the evening and the LED strips in the lamps are on, when you start the engine, an error message will appear, because the controller wants to start them and they are already working.

I had sporadic errors with the sensors a few times, but I wiped it well and it worked.
All errors I have erased through Consult III Plus
1 - 2 of 7 Posts