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Inoperative..on a regular basis (defect?)

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The routine alerts are killing me. Seems like nearly every day I drive my 2017 QX30 I get inoperative alerts. I first thought it was temperature related, so recently I started snapping a photo each time I encountered the warnings. The issue seems to occur mainly afternoon and evening when the car has sat in the sun during the day. Sometimes I get two warnings at a time. Any clues? At first, I thought of the reported lamp motor, but I get other alerts as well.
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I am going to try replacing the aux battery. I typically don't get errors in the morning's first start. All day long I do. I even got a lane departure warning, which flipped to blind spot warning. Bartos, how did you wipe the system? All these alerts I get don't come with diag codes to report.
Also, my moon roof broke. Out of warranty and now something in the moon roof trac broke too.
Well, the constant error inoperative warnings at start up for lane departure warning, active headlamps warning, blind spot warning, etc. was corrected by replacing the main battery. I had already replaced the aux battery in the floorboard that was leaking thinking that might help. Seems to be well now after replacing the main battery but the auto start has returned (it had not worked in a few years) which I hate that thing. I was not having any issue starting the car but when I had the battery tested, it indicated it needed charging before testing. Both were original batteries.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts