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Spy photographers have caught the Infiniti QX30 prototype testing ahead of tis reveal and launch next year. The QX30 is expected to be a high-riding version of the Q30. You can think of it having the same relation to the Q30 as the Mercedes-Benz GLA has to the A-Class hatchback. In fact, the GLA and QX30 will be built on the same platform.

There is still some uncertainty as to whether this vehicle is the QX30 or the Q30. Behind the prototype you can see an A-Class. The two vehicles look similar in height which has some questioning exactly what model prototype we are looking at.

We will het a first look at the QX30 when it debuts in Detroit in January or later in March if it debuts in Geneva instead. The Q30 is scheduled to go on sale first, and a few months later the QX30 should be up for grabs.

Does anyone else see a bit of the Mazda3 wagon in the QX30 in terms of its shape?

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