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Infiniti's Executive Design Director Alfonso Albaisa recently has a talk with Car and Driver on the new design direction for Infiniti. The introduction of the QX30 and the Q60 are beginning to give the public a clearer view of the new design language that the brand is embracing. Albaisa did say that those two vehicles are just a sliver of the nine that were all designed at once. We are now all left waiting to see what these next vehicles are. Albaisa gives us some general knowledge about the general direction of the brand that can help us imagine what's next for the brand.

On the use of materials:

Albaisa emphasized his interest in using new materials in new or unexpected ways. Materials like wood and leather will be used in new ways, and materials that are not seen as often, like copper and black chromes, will be utilized instead of aluminum. Areas like carpet and flooring may also receive some attention. Those, according to Albaisa have been ignored largely by the automaker up to this point. Albaisa hinted that we may get to see some of these new ideas soon in Beijing.

"Not to reveal too much, but I can tell you that at Beijing, we’re going to reveal something."
On Infiniti's new design language:

While other brands have focused solely on sharp lines, Infiniti has focused on the fluidity of the metal. That fludity is bisected by "a strong, straight character line" that "connected you to the ground." The brand also wants to showcase "stamping as the part they wanted to show the world that they could do better than anyone." It is described as a more romantic design language.

And what's next for the brand?:

Well, we didn't get some big reveal, but Albaisa did say,

"I want to make the best sedan ever."
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