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Infiniti opened the doors to their first Brand Experience Center in the world this week at Sanlitun, Chaoyang District, Beijing.

The first of its kind in the world, Infiniti’s Brand Experience Center showcases all it has to offer including the automaker’s design aesthetics and technology, all in a luxurious setting. We can look at it as a very extravagant showroom because the first thing anyone sees through the front door, sitting on a platform is a QX30.

"This is our first INFINITI Brand Experience Center globally and we are very excited that Chinese customers can get to experience it first. As a fully interactive experience, visitors can get up close with our brand understand our "Empower the Drive" brand statement,” said Dane Fisher, General Manager of Global Business Transformation & Brand.

We know the QX30’s design was targeted at millennials, Infiniti solidified this point by inviting known Chinese fashion designer Zhang Chi to make an appearance at the new center on opening day. His new collection, taking design cues from Infiniti vehicles, was on display alongside the QX30.
To one side of the center was a large high-definition LED screen showcasing Infiniti’s new innovative technology including their Direct Adaptive Steering (DAS) system. Visitors also had a chance to see a demonstration of the Infiniti Concept Vision Gran Turismo simulator.

Maybe a series of Brand Experience Center’s will open globally follow this initial debut.
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