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I am in infiniti Qx30 **** now and I need someone to save me

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I bought a used 2017 qx30 infiniti "as is" from an auction $11,000. I have spent close to $13,000 changing the engine, transmission and starter. This car won't still run, mechanic says since the engine was replaced ecm will need to be programmed by dealership. The dealership struggles really hard to program the ecm but succeeds. The car won't still run. The dealership is stomped too. I don't even know what to do. i have spent too much to give up but it keeps sucking more. Any suggestions on the problem or solution
Here is the report in the link, I have also attached some error codes


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OMG this is so crazy. i dunno what to say. i show my true sympathy to you. where are you located at? The garage who changed the parts of your car should take full resposibility in my opinion. Good luck man!
Try Infinity corporate headquarters or find a MBZ mechanic. You know the QX30 is an Infinity badged Mercedes GLA250....good hunting.
cut your loses and dump it.
Sometimes that is what's best, as much as it can be a bummer.
Sometimes that is what's best, as much as it can be a bummer.
I've had my 2017 for 3 years now and between all the electrical issues and the only dealership in town not open on Saturday for service not to mention the constant calls for trading into a QX55 in pretty tired of it. My Chevy suv had less issues and that lasted 200k. I'm at 63k and my list keeps growing.
These **** batteries are my last pain in the backside.
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