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Hi everyone.

I just got the QX30 this past month and absolutely love it. With that being said- a terrible thing happened a few days ago. I had just parked at the dog park and was about to let my dog out when he decided to move to the drivers seat. I had a sonic drink in the cupholder and his back paw crushed the cup- my drink went everywhere.

I grabbed a jacket that I had in my car and did my best to soak everything up. The floor was easy to clean so that wasn't a big deal. The cup holders were filled with sprite but the worst part about this is that the area where the USB connectors are had liquid in it too. I made sure to clean that up first and it didn't look like any liquid had got into the actual usb port.

Well the next day, I plug in my iphone cable/phone and nothing happens. I let it sit a day or two thinking if there was anything in there that it would dry out. Today I tried both ports with different usb cables and neither work at all. I've searched ALL over google for what to do or if its even possible to get the USB's replaced.

ANY advice, suggestions, or ideas would be VERY much appreciated. I am so sad this happened!!!

Thank you,

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check the fuses
they are located under the glove compartment box behind the carpet simple to get to.
Definitely go with checking for a fuse first. I'm sure that the USB can be replaced but I'm not too sure if you could get that individually through Infiniti. Worst case scenario, it may just be better to go to the dealership and let them sort it out.
Thank you both! I will check out the fuses and will probably take it to the dealership either way. Thanks again
Not a problem! Be sure to keep us updated and let us know how it goes. Hopefully it isn't too much trouble and easily solvable!
I have the same problem as Allison. I spilled water, and my USBs do not work. I know it is not the fuse. My question is, can you pop out the USB module from inside the car, or do you have to remove the center console to get to the USB from underneath the console? There was one for sale on eBay, but that sold.
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