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Hello. Glad to be here. In Touch questions.

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Hello all. Just picked up an '18 QX30 sport, malbec black, fully loaded primarily for my wife. We like the car a lot but there have been a few issues our first week plus of ownership. the second day we had it we realized one of the surround cameras wasn't working so it had to go in for service. That's fixed now but we've been having issues/ questions about the In Touch service and the SOS button. Our button is always red, it connects when pressed but according to our dealer and the In Touch rep, it should be green when it functions correctly and red only when pressed. They wanted to check out some other thing and wanted me to try to use lock/ unlock from the app which I told them was not there. They seemed surprised it wasn't on the app so they put a ticket in for tech support. They called me back yesterday saying this vehicle doesn't support lock/unlock and that if my SOS button was working not to worry that it was red. Of course the SOS button stopped working yesterday and they had to "reboot" the car. Now it is working again but it still stays red all the time. Do any of you have a green SOS button? Few other questions. The LDW works via vibration but the manual says there is also a visual indicator which I do not see. Not sure if the rear cross traffic alert works, didn't seem to pick up a car when I was pulling out of driveway. I'm sure I'll have more questions. Hopefully this forum can help provide the answers. Happy to be here.:)
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