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New Member Here!Have not purchased The Qx30 yet, but have done extensive research watched numberour videos on utube,have recently driven a white one locally. I have read most of the cons.Im a single lady so small back seats and cargo dont really bother me! However the not opening moonroof does! Been shopping online and found a few, Fell in love with liquid copper/wheat! Reminds me of Florida and rose gold! Ive since foynd out the add pks! Found some with my new love liquid copper/ teak,led pks
The cars i found were either too much,wouldnt budge or most sold!! One dealer told me I had to finance thru them! I have my own approved! So now I'm down to the last one and actually the first one I fell in love with,when i didnt know better! Have to ask myself can i live without tge xtras,would i even use them!Here it is: Liquid Copper,wheat interior,Nav
25,800 miles
$21,774 no neg,he already dropped $1,200 because of covid said if he got another car like that he would have to charge $1000 more😏should I go for it?Thankyou In Advance!🙋🏾‍♀️🧡 I
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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