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It's definitely a real product. I found them about a year ago when I bought the QX30 and was looking for CarPlay options. The wide screen is really nice, sadly it is only Android. It's definitely made in China, and I would have to agree with p07r0457 that the unit likely has low quality specs and does not perform very well.
The upgrade replaces the factory screen unit and the factory trim bezel, which is why it looks all stretched in the photo. They did use a glossy black plastic, which may look OK since we have that other glossy black trim.
Based on the factory vertical lines on our plastic bezels, I seems like Nissan toyed with the option of offering a wider screen, maybe with a tech package.
I'm sure someone will eventually pull the trigger on this. If it retained all the OEM functions while having the larger screen, I'd consider the upgrade.
I did have some photos with this installed, I'll try to find and post them up.
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