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Anyone tried this yet?

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Looks like a complete scam.
  • The title lists "QX30 2015 2016 2017 - 2020" despite the fact there never was a 2015 or 2016 model year, nor was there a 2020 model year.
  • The picture of the product, itself, shows a screen with an aspect ratio that does not match the QX30 screen, indicating that it is not the actual product -- if it even exists.
  • The picture of the car exterior is NOT a QX30.
  • The description lists "QX30 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020" despite half of those model years not existing.
  • The first picture of the car interior has been photoshopped (Infiniti logo removed from steering wheel proves this)
  • The first picture of the car interior shows the factory navigation -- not the product they're trying to sell!
  • The second picture of the car interior is photoshopped -- and extremely poorly, at that. That isn't a real product.
  • The third pouter of the car interior may be photoshopped -- it's hard to tell since the picture is blurry. If it's legit then the screen resolution appears abysmal, and it appears to be crooked, too. The plastic doesn't match, either.
  • I won't go into all the other pictures, but there are many further pictures of the wrong car, wrong product, and features that don't seem to match.
To add insult to injury, the product appears to be from a Chinese company who claims to have a warehouse in Russia -- two countries that are infamous for installing backdoors and not respecting privacy. You'd have to be crazy to install this thing in your car.

But it gets better... There are only two reviews... Both were from Chinese IPs, have the same username, and the product was shipped from China, in contradiction to their claims of not using Chinese warehouses....

Yep, it's a plain Jane SCAM.

Best-case scenario, it's just another example of a cheap/slow/garbage Chinese android head unit that looks bad and is even worse to use.

I'm betting it isn't even THAT good, however.

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I'd pass as well. Seems very fishy and I don't think that it would even work in the car...
It's definitely a real product. I found them about a year ago when I bought the QX30 and was looking for CarPlay options. The wide screen is really nice, sadly it is only Android. It's definitely made in China, and I would have to agree with p07r0457 that the unit likely has low quality specs and does not perform very well.
The upgrade replaces the factory screen unit and the factory trim bezel, which is why it looks all stretched in the photo. They did use a glossy black plastic, which may look OK since we have that other glossy black trim.
Based on the factory vertical lines on our plastic bezels, I seems like Nissan toyed with the option of offering a wider screen, maybe with a tech package.
I'm sure someone will eventually pull the trigger on this. If it retained all the OEM functions while having the larger screen, I'd consider the upgrade.
I did have some photos with this installed, I'll try to find and post them up.
I had my own problems with factory reset of our stock DCU - so now I'm looking also for the options.
And there is really few solutions for our vehicles. Like also UNavi, etc... Few video tutorials how to install shown via Youtube .

But its its really a risk - cause You perform to change DCU - the head unit of all media system of the vehicle. And for sure not everything will work fine.
The part of split system (when You left old look media and screen and added a few options) doesn't cost money - it's would work like inner submenu inside existing look. But benefits is to poor for $600.

So up! If anyone had do this before?
Anyone tried this yet?

Did you ever end up trying this? I found this option also. I am having some issues with the factory head unit that are frustrating me like it defaulting into "night mode" and turning the screen off plus asking me permission to send my data every single time I start the vehicle even though it says in that message it will only do every 30 days. Thinking if I switch this out those quirks will go away.

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