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Greetings from the dirty South

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Top of the morning to you all. I've been lurking here for a few weeks studying the QX30 platform. We just bought a 18' Premium package QX30 for my lady. By trade I build custom vehicles whether it be performance, audio, suspension, lighting, wraps... you name it. And let me tell you something, this car has got me pretty excited. I have no intentions of building her a race car. But my goal is the 300hp range. Upgraded brakes, struts/springs with front and rear sway bars. I'm going to make a few of your heads spin with my wheel selection. And no I'm not running oversized wheels. Keeping it simple with a 20" set up.
So far all I've done is complete ceramic tint. 35% windshield, 15% sides and back with air 80% on the moonroof. For mothers day next week I'm de-badging and doing a complete chrome delete and wrapping the roof in 3M gloss black. And as a bonus that she doesn't know about yet, adding sub & amp in the back. It's not the final set up she'll have. I'm just pulling some gear from one of my BMW's (I collect early 00's BMW) so she can enjoy until I design the set up she'll go with. Tying into the BOSE (blows) system for now.
The end goal is a fully functional daily driver head turner that is absolute blast to drive.
Now judging from some of the comments I've read in other threads a few of you are most likely not going to like me. I've noticed a few purists in here. And that's ok, I'm only here to learn and also help. I'm 43 and hope been in this profession for 20 plus years. I've built just about any and every vehicle you can think of. And I will gladly share my knowledge when needed or asked.
I look forward to conversing with you fine folk. Till then, signing off from the Dirty South USA. 3vil_3 out.
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