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Engine temperature gauge

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Hi guys I noticed yesterday that the engine temperature gauge is beyond the mid point. It's at the same point when I started my car this morning. Is that normal ?


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Maybe check the coolant level just to be safe. If it doesn't get higher than I don't see anything wrong. But if that's higher than it usually is, make sure the coolant is topped up.
That's where mine usually ends up at when it's warmed up.
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You guys will want to check your coolant levels just to make sure because most if not all vehicles i've been in have a regular coolant level at exactly the mid way point or just below.

Once it starts crossing that line you need to start asking questions.

Even stop by the dealer if that works out better for you, they do little things like this for free.
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Yup... people just be careful checking your coolant levels. Check the reservoir first, don't go in and pop off the rad cap if it's hot or even remotely warm to be honest. When it's cooled off, if necessary, turn the rad cap a little bit first just to let out the pressure but still be locked, and then turn it off all the way.
Took it to the dealer today, they said it's normal
I thought the same when I picked it up.......its normal.
Mines above the half way mark all the time, just not used to seeing that. Unnerving.
All newer mercedes engines have their temp gauge read above the mid-line. This is normal.
Also, their temp gauges actually read the temp and fluctuate while you drive and stop at a light. Never had a car with a temp gauge that is accurate like this.
Mine also shows at the same above-mid-line (new, 2017), been that way since day 1.
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