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I just purchased a 2018 Infiniti qx30 sport. What is drive assist? And the emergency brake, is it automatic when you get close? I’m not sure what features my car has and I’m worried about wrecking it to see if I have the features. The manual is really no help to me considering I only have an electronic copy and most features have a if equipped

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Are you referring to the [DriveAssist] option in the instrument cluster menu? It will show you what driving assistance features you have, and will allow you to enable/disable them. For example:
  • VDC (Vehicle Dynamic Control)
  • FEB (Forward Emergency Braking)
  • BSW (Blind Spot Warning)
  • LDW (Lane Departure Warning)
All of these technologies are defined in your manual. We don't know what features your car has, currently. Do you have the window sticker? That would be a good start to see exactly how your vehicle is equipped.
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