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Anyone in LA who has had major issues with the dealerships here? Have you been able to successfully resolve things to your satisfaction? At this point, I think this will be my last INFINITI. I would have had better service getting a KIA. Actually, I'd probably have better service buying a tuk-tuk.

Since January, I've been dealing with a couple minor issues that have turned into my QX30S being in the shop almost one month out of the 11 months I've had it. Just a rattling door panel (when music was played) and the Around View Monitor fell out of calibration and became crooked (for example, parallel parking was problematic as I could never tell if I was straightened up). Went to Beverly Hills as they are the closest to me. Between them not realizing that they had to order rivets along with a new door panel, their general inability to understand the problems, and the fact that they told me three times the car was ready, only to have me drive to the dealership to find out it was not, I went there eight times for the same issues, only to find out that not only was the issue actually made worse, but they also scratched the car in several places.

Then Beverly Hills closed—permanently/until further notice. I called Consumer Affairs and they don't seem to be doing much other than following up with the dealership in Van Nuys. The nightmare continues. They've had my car for 11 days now, and keep promising it will be done, but then keep finding new problems. Two days ago they said they had to order a new door lock actuator because Beverly Hills screwed that up (which I believe—the sound of the door lock did change after the last time they worked on it). Yesterday, they claimed Beverly Hills damaged the speaker which is part of why the noise got worse. So new speaker on order. Haven't heard from Van Nuys since yesterday.

Overall, I've enjoyed the car. But this has completely ruined my experience. At this point, I don't know what to do other than endure the remainder of this absurdity and be glad to be rid of INFINITI once my lease is up. Are there any other options to engage the corporate office somehow? I can't pursue anything with Beverly Hills as they are closed, and Van Nuys is doing their best to fix all this, but it is just unbelievable to me that I am still without my car after this long. Appreciate any suggestions on other steps I can take.

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Dealer's are franchises, and my experience is that their service varies WIDELY from dealer to dealer. You need to find one you like.

Have they been giving you a loaner vehicle? You're leasing, so you're basically in an extended rental, anyway. Put the miles on their loaner and don't stress about it.
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