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I just purchased a CPO 2018 QX30 (Luxury/AWD) and I'm a little confused as to whether or not it has a brake assist feature. The dealer's listing indicated that it does, and so do numerous websites that detail this year and trim level.

However, on my instrument panel's [Drive Assist] menu, there doesn't seem to be a menu item for Brake Assist. My only options under [Drive Assist] are [Status Overview] (under which it says that "all assistance systems have been deactivated"), and [ESP] which is enabled.

I would appreciate any insight into the actual Brake Assist feature that this vehicle has so that I can report it properly to my insurance company.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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It sounds like you do not. You'd have "Emergency Brake" in your Drive Assist menu, if you had FEB. You'd also have an epoxy-encased Infiniti logo on the front grill (as the radar sensor is hidden within).

The FEB feature was optional, and part of the "Technology Package", I believe.

A normal QX30 just has a regular "3d" Infiniti emblem.

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