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Battery Replacement

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Hi everyone,

I have a 2017 QX30 with 108,000 miles that just started having trouble starting. After a long drive it starts up fine once or twice and then struggles. I’m assuming the batteries need replacing. Has anyone done this successfully (both main and aux)?

Dealer quote is $700 based on a phone conversation, so I’d like to just buy the parts and replace them myself.

Anything else I should know before doing this without the dealer (I’m assuming theres no extra steps involving computer)
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You can DIY both batteries for half that price.

Removal/installation of each is relatively simple. Just make sure you transfer over all the little bits, such as drain tube and the bottom plate.

Technically, the service manual does have a reset procedure after battery replacement, but I wouldn't worry about it.
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Update: I replaced the main battery only. Definitely simple, the hardest part was undoing the negative terminal socket next to the cowl.

  • Auto start/stop is working again
  • No warning lights
  • Trip meters reset, clock reset, everything else was fine.

Thanks all
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