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So I finally got infiniti to add my vehicle to the owners portal, but how do I connect the app to the vehicle?
Do I need the monthly service up and running first?
When I open the app it just keeps asking me for the vin number and entered says it cant perform that right now and kicks me back to the website.

Does my QX require my phones data connection or my home's wifi?


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Yes, you would need to subscribe to Infiniti InTouch Services. Personally, I think it's a waste of money. Last I checked, it was $300 per year and was extremely limited in function.

Most of the features they advertise do not work on the QX30. For example, you can't see the status of your locks or mileage, you can't remotely (un)lock your qx30, and you cannot remotely start the engine. You can send destinations to the navigation system, but the way this works is archaic. You must first enter the address in the phone app, then "send" it, then you must dig through several menus in the car nav and manually instruct the car to refresh it's destination list, then you can select the new waypoint. It's faster to just use the voice commands to speak the address to the vehicle.

If you do decide to pay for InTouch Services, then they'll use a dedicated cellular connection built into the car. They do not require your cell phone for data, and you cannot connect the car to your wifi.
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