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A few months ago, I replaced the stock halogen bulbs with LED's as has been discussed in the forum. The brand I bought really sucked so I decided to just go back to halogens, but using Sylvania Silverstar Ultras, which I have had good luck with in the past. As we all know, just getting access to the bulbs is a job. Some remove the tires, some fight using the access hole with the tire on. Wanting to do neither, I spent a few minutes pondering my sad fate. Then it hit me......I should be able to access the headlamp assembly thru the fenderwell. I tried it, and was able to do both sides in about 20-25 minutes.

The first pic shows the push pins to remove to get access to the inner fender. Use a small screwdriver to work the center pin out
Second pic shows what the push pins look like.
Third pic shows where to pry the inner fender to pop it out from behind the wheel trim (use something to protect the trim!) I used a sock
The fourth pic shows the trim pulled out,
and the last pic shows the end goal.

if this has been posted before, my apologies


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