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My air conditioning in my QX30 has not worked in two years. It blows, however is only blows hot air. The heat works fine in the winter though. I recently got a diagnoses done.

I got it checked to see if the Compressor was bad. They could not confirm that it was the compressor. Just that whatever is suppose to start the compressor, is not working. So even with a freon treatment, nothing could cut the compressor on.

I got codes

B10A9-07 - The Actuator Motor for the right blend air flap has a malfunction. There is a mechanical fault - Current, Stored.


B1127-49 The Air Quality Sensor has a malfunction. There is an internal electrical fault - Current, stored.

Which reminds me. I think Infiniti told me last summer that it looks like someone ripped my sensor out of the car and the cords were just hanging (Scott Nissan of Charlotte sold me a bad car). They didn't tell me that was the reason my air in my car doesn't work. But I do remember them saying that the sensor issue was going to be 4k. Which I refuse to pump 4 thousand into a used car.

Can someone put this in layman's terms for me? And let me know if it's possible to buy a sensor from a junkyard and have it installed to work? Any information is appreciated.

Thank you!
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