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Just recently purchased a 2018 QX30 Premium AWD, only had 23,000 km or 14,000 miles ( I am in Canada), for $23,900 Canadian, with warranty till 2025 . Traded in my 2017 Ram 1500 Big Horn for it .So far I am loving the change I do miss my big truck , but not trying to park it in the city we moved to from Yukon/ Alaska, nor the $200 bucks to fill the tank.
After lots of research knowing this was a Benz clone, and wanting another AWD hatch/wagon ( I have a 2013 Toyota Venza as well), I pulled the trigger. I couldn't be more happy. It puts a smile on my face every day even in the snow, with X-Ice 3 tires on GLA250 rims.

The original summer tires are due for replacement, I am just wonder what 18" tires other QX30 drivers have put on? They will only be used in late spring to the fall, as I run dedicated winter tires.
Thanks for any insight.

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We were happy with the OE tires (Continental ProContact TX SSR 235/50R-18) and purchased another set as a replacement.

Given that these vehicles don't come with spare tires, I would stick with run-flats.
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