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As many of you know, the owner's manual for the 2017 model year is available online at Out of curiosity, I changed the URL to reflect 2018 and it worked:

Some differences I noticed at a glance:

  • Total pages: 2017 has 554 pages, 2018 has 538
  • The font choice in the 2018 is, in my opinion, easier to read (it looks like Calibri in 2018); the size of the text is also increased in the 2018 version, which means that the pages are slightly re-organized (see attachment for a sample comparison)
  • The cover page is different
  • The 2017 version has an errata of sorts ("Owner’s Manual Supplement") to correct the cold tire inflation pressure; there is no supplement in the 2018 version
  • The organization of the foreword is cleaner in the 2018 version
  • While both versions include page for the warning and indicator lights, the 2018 includes a reference in the illustrated table of contents
  • Some redundant items are removed in the 2018 version (e.g., seat heating)
  • There's a two-page reference to the push-button ignition switch in the 2018 version (page 5-16). It even indicates that it can be removed (I think nearly all of us 2017 owners know this "hack" by now.)
  • Infiniti has not corrected the defect with the electronic parking brake. Contrary to what it states in the manual, the red PARK indicator lamp does not light up when the ICC brings the vehicle to a standstill. I reported this to Infiniti when I first got the vehicle, but I have not heard back from them.
  • The 2018 version incorporates the owner's manual supplement changes/additions (e.g., correction of rear tire pressure)


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