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The Infiniti QX80 has always been a big truck focused on telling everyone that you have arrived. Hard to miss with a polarizing design, it was the truck of choice for people who wanted to be noticed. Now it arrives with subtle tweaks to its exterior that makes it easier on the eyes. But there’s more to talk about than just its new look.

The smoothed-over front and rear bumpers help make the truck look like the rest of the Infinitilineup. The refinements also mean that the weird portholes on the front fender are no longer there and have been replaced with a sleek-looking vent. The headlights also have a new design, mimicking the intricate details of a human eye. Along with the fog lights and tail lights, they’re LED powered, making them extra bright and giving the truck a unique light signature. Rounding out the exterior package are newly available and very imposing 22-inch wheels, although 20-inchers are standard.
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