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Greetings 🙋‍♂️ to ALL from Ghana 🇬🇭, and thanks for keeping this Forum Alive.

Am new on this Forum but have decided to permanently register and stay here because I got a brief and concise answer to a Mechanical headache I have being experiencing for the past 8 days and its described below but with a DTC of P0513 - TCM Immobilizer Fault.

I recently a purchased an auctioned 2018 Infiniti QX30 with a broken Transmission.

I bought a replacement working Transmission with only 14k miles on it.

The transmission was successfully replaced but the car is refusing to shift into any of the Gears. It's is Stuck in PARK.

Then upon my search just this morning, l landed on this Forum and downloaded the Training Manual for New Dealers.

Upon reading through and at Page 48 it states clearly that you can't Transfer a DCT from one car to another.

This challenge can only be resolved when you replace the TCM with a new one.

Can someone help me to get my hands on a New TCM and possibly provide guidelines by which l can do that replacement since the TCM is located in the Transmission Body.

Vicki Vik.
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