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I’ve had a 2018 QX30 for about a year and a half now. Little bored with all this pandemic stuff going on so starting to do some stuff to my car! Bought it with base package in Black with stock everything. Going to post some photos of some Before and Afters of what i’ve done so far. Really open to some suggestions on mods, kits, roof racks etc! Feel free to add any suggestions or options.
  • I’ve done 18% tints on the back half
  • Replaced my stock wheels with New OEM Infiniti qx30 Wheels. Serial: KE4095D300
  • They’re 18 inch OEM upgraded wheels.
Really want to put a roof rack on maybe from Thule catalog but not sure what i need for my roof. Also, any other kit mods or something just making it look more sporty/ but keeping it looking stock!

Pleasure joining and look forward to talking with you all!
Images: Noted the before and after photo is before i got the tints done! The others are with the tints.

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